Dear students & families, 


By considering private, individualized tutoring services, you are taking a proactive step towards a more confident and gratifying test experience, as well as broader options for college admissions. 


While getting to know you and your learning style on a personalized basis, I will help you acquire practical techniques and approaches, guiding you in targeted practice for optimal performance.  With my supportive attention, you can build skills that are conducive to solid results.  On test day, you can be confident that you have the training, preparation, and ability to rely on yourself.  

As someone who strongly values higher education and believes in the personal satisfaction of achieving one's best, I become deeply invested in the success of each student I tutor.  As an educator who truly cares, I hope to make many valuable contributions to the students and families I serve.  Let me help you achieve your very best.  



Sara Jane Otis





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