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Dear Students & Families,  

By considering private, individualized tutoring services, you are taking a proactive step towards a more confident and gratifying test experience, as well as broader options for college admissions. 


While getting to know you and your learning style on a personalized basis, I will help you acquire practical techniques and approaches, guiding you in targeted practice for optimal performance.  With my supportive attention, you can build skills that are conducive to solid results.  On test day, you can be confident that you have the training, preparation, and ability to rely on yourself.  ​


As someone who strongly values higher education and believes in the personal satisfaction of achieving one's best, I become deeply invested in the success of each student I tutor.  As an educator who truly cares, I hope to make many valuable contributions to the students and families I serve.  Let me help you achieve your very best.  



Sara Jane Otis 

What students are saying about SJO Tutoring

"Sara was wonderful and very helpful.  Lots of information was packed into each two hour session and I learned grammar concepts that I had never been taught before.  If I ever need to prepare for a similar test in the future, Sara is the first one I will contact."   - Ben Whitley, SAT student

"Sara is amazing!! She's extremely patient and helpful. I took the SAT a couple times and wasn't satisfied with my score, but after tutoring with Sara, my scores went up by a lot. Highly recommend!"   - Sonya Yam, SAT student

"I've always greatly struggled in math, especially with the kinds of questions you can easily over think, like the ones on the SAT. Sara prepared me so well for the sections, and despite my ADD and my struggle with the test as a whole, she built my confidence up with a combination of kindness, knowledge, and an abundance of rich encouragement. Sara is the best, I couldn't have done it without her."  - Lina Bell, SAT Student

"I really benefitted from Sara's tutoring. I especially enjoyed her one-on-one test taking strategies and help with the timed essays. She definitely helped me boost my test scores and was very fun to work with!"  - Maceo Hastings Porro, PSAT & SAT student

"An awesome, convenient way to get actual improvement!"  - SAT student

"Sara was an amazing teacher and brought a different approach to the table than any tutor I've had. Sara's honesty and ability to communicate and discuss subjects on the SAT were simple and direct. Each time I left a tutoring session with Sara I felt like I had a more complete understanding of each subject on the SAT. For myself I saw things translate into the classroom as well and, with a simpler and more logical way of thinking I was able to become a stronger student while also bumping my SAT score up over 200 points. Now at UC Berkeley I still use the tools Sara gave me in nearly every class I have. Thanks Sara!"  - Jordan Talbot, SAT student


"Sara has a no-nonsense approach to tutoring that gets results no matter what." - Spencer Cheleden, SAT Student

"Sara was a great tutor, she was very patient with me when I had a hard time grasping the concepts.  She was also very knowledgeable about what was going to be included on the tests.  She definitely helped make me feel more confident going into the test."  - Taylor Brenis, SAT student

"Sara was extremely helpful and really nice.  She was always quick with responding to emails and was more than willing to work around my busy schedule.  She is a great tutor!"  - Mackenzie Jackson, SAT Student

"Sara was a humongous help to me with the SAT!  When I first started studying, I thought I would be able to do it on my own, so I bought a couple of guide books and read through them all, trying to practice their tips and tricks.  Looking back, that was a huge waste of time.  Once I started with Sara, I quickly learned more than I ever had through the books, and my scores shot up hugely.  In only three sessions with her, my score went from a 2090 to a 2250, a 160 point increase!  - Ravi Nidumolu, SAT student

"Sara was very helpful to not only motivate me to study but teach me the tips and tricks on how to take the ACT."  - Eleanor Harrington, ACT student

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